I am a visual person. Like a lot of postwar kids I spent an incredible amount of time bombarded by the new medium of television. My parents subscribed to countless magazines so the printed page mezmerized me. I was fascinated with advertisements and the "commercial artists" who created them. My dad owned a blueprint shop that printed construction documents for the architectural, engineering and construction business, as well as a small photographic department that catered to commercial artists and graphic designers. There was no escaping cool images. I followed my dad in the ownership of the business and over a 25 year career built it into a state-of-the-art digital printing operation before I sold it and retired from the industry.

After nearly fifty years of image saturation, I decided to immerse myself in Photoshop so I could produce the images I could imagine. That was 1998. By 2005 I felt accomplished enough to create my own art in Photoshop.

In 2011 I was cleaning an old storage unit and found an unopened collection of National Geographic CDs that featured every page of every issue from the late 1800s through 1994. The millions of images were astounding. National Geographic was always a leader in photographic and magazine printing techniques. They helped develop and define color photography and the printed pages were very high resolution for the day. My first thirty pieces were all assembled from deconstructed NG images.

NG spoiled me for source material. I began collecting art books, cutting them apart, and scanning the individual pages. Renaissance Art caught my eye. A collection of old pinups fell to the knife. An 1849 French medical atlas provided a trove of images. Advertisements for luxury goods were the basis for a collection of montages.

In 2017 I began to make three dimensional pieces with hand cut images from the pages I had previously scanned for montages. Six-sided collage cubes and multi-layered glass collages now compliment my digital montages.

Digtal Montages can be printed at nearly ANY size on fine art paper, canvas, metal, glass, wood and tile. Please contact me for a quote.

Hand-cut, one-of-a-kind pieces are for sale. Please contact me for sizes and prices.